Allwiner USB Flash Fel Mode Driver

FEL is a low-level subroutine containing in the BootROM on allwinner devices, It is used for provisioning and recovery of devices using USB, When the chip goes to FEL mode, the chip will be waiting for communication from PC though USB. The primary purpose for FEL is for flashing the NAND with the Hydra Tool

Qualcomm EDL Qdloader 9008 Driver

The Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 is a driver for Windows computers, and it supports all Qualcomm powered phones. It allows users to connect their phones to the computer to transfer files and other purposes.

Mediatek & Qualcomm Driver

MediaTek chipset devices are all over the Android smartphone ecosystem. When it comes to data transfer between a computer and a MediaTek device, you’ll need to install the latest MediaTek drivers first.

Rockchip USB Driver

The Rockchip USB driver is a software driver that enables communication between a Rockchip-based device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and a computer via a USB connection. It allows the computer to recognize and interact with the connected Rockchip device.

Huawei COM 1.0 USB Driver

Hisilicon Huawei USB Driver helps you connect your Huawei Android Mobile devices to the computer by USB1, Manafacture Mode. It also allows you to flash stock ROM or unlock your Huawei devices.

Unisoc (Spreadtrum) USB Driver

SPD USB Driver helps you to connect your SpreadTrum-powered devices to the computer. It also allows you to flash stock ROM on devices powered by SpreadTrum/Unisoc chipset.